If Not Us Then WHO? - film screening

The fight for climate justice does not only belong to us here in the UK, it is a worldwide fight with many countries having fought it for decades longer than us. We want to acknowledge and stand in solidarity with those on the frontline of this climate crisis...those in the global South constantly under threat on a detrimental level. We want to listen and show you the stories of these people and the amazing work being done to combat the threats and protect their lands, their biodiversity, their culture and community.

Extinction Rebellion Youth have partnered with If Not Us Then Who? A charity that supports a global awareness campaign highlighting the role indigenous and local peoples play in protecting our planet. They work in partnership with indigenous communities to make films, photographs, curate content, commission local artists and host events. Their work aims to build lasting networks, target unjust policies and advocate for greater rights for indigenous and local peoples to bring about positive change.

We have been starting to run film screenings with a series of short films selected by If Not Us Then Who? specifically for XR Youth and many of them made by young filmmakers from indigenous communities, telling the stories of their struggles and providing a space to talk about internationalist solidarity between communities across the world

Do You want us to come and host a film screening where you live?

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Role of the youth voice - Workshop

The system we currently live within is not one that can deal with the climate and ecological crisis we face. It is obvious that standard systematic approaches have not been fruitful, and that radical change is necessary from all parts of the world, especially within governing bodies. 

This is where the youth voice comes in. 

It is in the mind of this younger generation that we can begin to realise what being truly radical means. These are the minds that have yet to fully take on the conditioning of this system, and by this grace are able to imagine change beyond that which most people can, and realise the full potential of this rebellion. The youth voice is there to challenge what has been previously set, and what is expected, outdated and overused. It is there to challenge an older, more established voice that has overpowered and dictated us to a place of disaster, and in doing so has placed such an immense burden on those who are inheriting this earth. 

Do you want us to come and run a workshop? get in touch at: xryouth.trainingsandworkshops@gmail.com

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