Featured Youth Artist

Name: Leda Bartolucci

Age: 23

Based: Glasgow

Series: 'Wake Up Humans!'

This series was inspired by a viral photo of someone in a polar bear costume, in the water, holding a "Wake up humans - you're endangered too" sign (I traced back the picture in a 2015 protest in Seattle). I found it incredibly strong. You have the animals telling you to wake up. Given that we can't have them talk and yet we're destroying their world too, it reminds me that when you fight for the planet, you're fighting on behalf of all of them too. 

When I was in primary school, I decided that the environment was important to me and I wanted to live sustainably because I loved white tigers and I understood that since everything is connected, pollution would cause extinction for them. White tigers were my favourite animal, and as far as I knew, this was the only planet with white tigers. That was my reason. Naive, but enough to let me start making choices about the sustainability of my lifestyle. 

For this series, I trusted my hope that every animal is someone's favourite animal, someone's reason to fight. What I asked people when I was looking for input was: fetch the kid you once were, ask them for which creature they would save the planet for. Sometimes finding motivation is as simple as that.

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